Dictatorship and guaranteed income UBI

UBI is the cornerstone of democracy, the most important indicator of the civilized society. Dictatorship (totalitarianism, oligarchy) and UBI are incompatible.

The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.
Jack London

A bright tomorrow is inevitable! When each person and the whole society as a whole every month will receive an equal amount of money from the state without any conditions. A UBI will be a constitutional human right to a decent life.
UBI is the freedom, independence and opportunity for the development of each person and society as a whole. Freedom of speech and religion, freedom from want and fear; economic, creative, political and other civil liberties and rights. This is an opportunity to discuss and independently determine the conditions of life, the ability to influence decision-making in the state. This is democracy!
The more perfect and developed democracy in a particular state, the more rights, freedoms and opportunities people have, the more support for each individual person in this state.

Dictatorship, totalitarianism and oligarchy

Under a dictatorship, the opposite is true: the dictator (oligarch) parasitizes and lives off the suffering of millions of people. A dictator needs unlimited power, an oligarch needs unlimited wealth. This is achieved only through the deprivation of liberty and the robbery of society. The worse a person and society lives, the better a dictator or an oligarch lives.
The dictator considers himself a “state”, the oligarch considers himself a “successful entrepreneur”; they go to their goal in an illegal and unworthy way. In order to receive and maintain power and money, these creatures are ready to do anything: deprive people of their freedom, plunge hundreds of millions into poverty, unleash wars, seize territories and countries. In a word, parasitize.
For them, people are the new oil, a renewable source of wealth. Because the natural wealth of the planet is rapidly depleted. Therefore, taxes, fines and prohibitions under such regimes grow continuously. Cash flows (taxes, fines, tariffs, bank interest) are distributed through the state budget to their “purses” — controlled companies. They need total control over every action of a person, his thoughts and even his dreams. Even the personal and genetic data of people are declared the property of the state (dictator).
Therefore, neither dictators nor oligarchs need a UBI. They do not want people to have a decent standard of living, independence, freedom of thought and action, advanced health care and education. It is beneficial for a dictator to keep people on the verge of poverty so that they think only about their own survival. Such a society is content with any handouts of the dictator, as well as information beneficial to the authorities.
Under a dictatorship (totalitarianism, oligarchy), a person is even deprived of the opportunity to discuss the state structure, and even more so to participate in its structure and development, the authorities do not care about people’s opinions, there is only one opinion — the official one. Official statistics are false, the courts and the state apparatus depend on the dictator and cover each other, opposing society. Around the dictator there are always many court officials, scientists, politicians, journalists, ready to serve. These servants will always “prove” that real cheese and sausage are bad, and backyard nuclear waste processing is very useful. But the stronger the contrast between the real state of affairs and the “achievements” of the authorities, the stronger the irritation of the people, the stronger the social protest.

Post-soviet states

Unfortunately, the collapse of the USSR did not teach anyone anything. Most of the former Soviet republics have totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, dictators and oligarchs, neo-feudalism and kleptocracy. Uncontrolled, irremovable power behaves cynically, impudently, arrogantly, challenging the whole world. She has absolutely no respect for people, their rights, their opinions and needs.
Dictatorship and totalitarianism today have a hybrid character, they are disguised as democracy. From the outside, public life may look like in democratic countries: electoral procedures, parliament, the judiciary, the rhetoric of officials. In reality — a perverted semblance of democratic procedures. Dictators are perfecting the technologies of suppression: cynical propaganda, lack of a free press, false statistics, populism, self-promotion, total imposition of religion, militarization of society.
Dictators are always short of their own territory and resources, they want more and more. Dictators are always trying to reshape the political design of the world, so they unleash proxy wars, try to establish “zones of influence”, subjugate neighbors to their will, annex other people’s territories. They distort history by flaunting “victories”, no matter how bloody they are.
Modern dictators and oligarchs flock to oppose the world and society, creating entire armies within their countries to suppress the freedoms and will of citizens and conglomerates in the form of alliances among themselves. All new bans and technologies are used, the total purge of political opponents and the suppression of dissent. Dictators completely subordinate the electoral system to themselves, depriving citizens of the opportunity to somehow change the political structure in the country and the vector of economic development. The dictator appoints the percentage and number of votes in elections through his subordinate structures.
Any noble idea can be perverted and used for a hybrid war with the whole world. There is a possibility that the idea of a UBI could be used to wage hybrid warfare. Also, the regimes can imitate the UBI in exchange for the loyalty of the poor to the authorities, the rejection of protests, etc. There is a practice of using the “social contract” when the authorities provide minor assistance to the poor in exchange for certain obligations. The “social contract” is humiliating and unfair, it forces people to comply with any requirements of officials. This is the prototype of the “social rating” in Xinjiang, China, and it has no right to exist. At the same time, the UBI is recognized as inexpedient and expensive.
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid states have not provided any real help to people. The money was received by the oligarchs and corrupt officials. Moreover, it does not matter the degree of economic development, the availability of natural resources, the size of national wealth funds, etc. Meanwhile, people’s incomes are falling, prices are rising strongly, social rights and freedoms are severely limited. Not surprisingly, social tensions are rising and riots are breaking out in some places.
The West bears a significant responsibility for the emergence and existence of dictatorships, totalitarianism and oligarchs. Western governments are always happy to accept the dirty money of corruption in their territory, encouraging the purchase of luxury yachts, private jets and expensive real estate. They also encourage relatives of corrupt officials to do business with money stolen from their people. Therefore, the emergence of dictators and totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe, on the territory of the former countries of the socialist camp, is still not ruled out. The strengthening of the role of the state (officials) in the life of society, the reduction of social guarantees for people, the restriction of other rights may indicate a dangerous trend.
We are confident that in the next decade, UBI’s will be the most important indicator of the development of civil society, the level of human rights and freedoms, social justice, as well as a key indicator of democracy. One way or another, humanity is moving towards democracy, individual freedom, expansion of rights and social guarantees. Society needs sustainable development, moving forward. Dictatorship, totalitarianism and oligarchy are perceived by most people as an ugly legacy of the dark ages. Dictators are waiting for retribution and judgment on earth, oblivion in history. Their names will be cursed for centuries, like the names of Hitler, Stalin and other bloodthirsty tyrants. How can you not help people if you have every opportunity to do so?! UBI is the only path leading to a brighter future for humanity.


Solovyev Alexander
Belov Andrey
Evloev Magamed

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Guaranteed basic income News, December 3, 2021.